Aaron Mulhern

Executive Head Teacher
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Aaron was educated at St Joseph's Secondary School in Derry City, Ireland. His experience there gave him a meaningful, positive grounding in the value of others, a sense of always working towards being a better person and contributing whatever talent he had to the benefit of the community and society. His hope is to live up to that aspiration. In Derry, Aaron learned that the value of education isn't about 'being the best' but being 'your best'. He feels lucky to have experienced some wonderfully committed teachers working in difficult circumstances, setting him on the path of emulating their example.

In 2003, after studying at St. Mary's College in Strawberry Hill, Aaron had the opportunity to work at IMHS and did so for three years, as the Numeracy & Literacy coordinator. He then left to develop his career in different settings, however after five years working across different provisions and having always been captivated by the ethos, spirit and practices of IMHS and the T4 Trust, jumped at the chance to return in 2012. He accepted the position as Teacher of Maths and has had roles as leader of the 'My Passport' Dept.; Deputy Head Teacher; and now leader of the school.

Aaron is now in place as the Executive Head Teacher for the T4 Trust and is relishing the opportunity to support the development of this first class provision, helping to mould the creative talents of our future stars. His strong belief in the transformational power of positive educational and creative experiences drives Aaron's ambition to provide an outstanding provision for the students and families of The ArtsXChange. Aaron's committed approach to providing a safe and welcoming College are at the core of his values, where the aspiration of 'rewriting the future through creative arts and digital media' is fulfilled through leadership of the wonderfully talented and creative colleagues working at the College. 

Aaron's aspirations for the Trust and The ArtsXChange, mirror the aspirations of his own teachers in his formative years and those spent developing his practice at IMHS, Aaron believes in the importance of recognising the value and talents of the students and staff in our community and helping them grow through their challenges, in pursuit of a meaningful and purposeful future. He is committed to supporting our students who come with a past, to leave with a future.